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About Darren

I am passionate about helping advisers stay ahead of the game by providing clear, simple and accurate information. 

My story begins in the recession ‘we had to have’, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position with WHK (or Williams, Hatchman and Kean as it was back then). My love of training began at WHK as well, where I landed a gig training university graduates for the ICAA.


After 5 years, my wife and I thought a ‘sea-change’ was in order, and we moved from Sydney to Melbourne, where I began working for the NTAA from 1998 under Ray Regan and Tony Jones.


While working with the NTAA for 10 years, I was a tax researcher, writer and presenter, and also handled around 30 calls a day on their adviser hotline for many years. Whilst at the NTAA, I started focusing heavily on taxation law for SMSFs.


After a decent stint with the NTAA, I started Insyt, and provided a range of services that we offer today. 


In 2012, I became a contract trainer with TaxBanter on all things tax and super. I now write and present TaxBanter’s superannuation webinars and face to face superannuation sessions. I finished up with TaxBanter in December 2017.




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