The Comprehensive Guide to Small Business CGT Concessions and Superannuation

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About the Guide

Over time, I have found that the overlays of tax and super make this topic challenging to negotiate for many advisers. Yet with the 2017 Super Reforms, the CGT cap is an excellent opportunity for clients to boost their superannuation savings. My Guide helps you navigate the complexities of these areas.


The Guide is written in a practical way, and deals with the following topics:


  • Understanding the conditions to access the concessions – broken down into three common scenarios.


  • Strategies to maximise the CGT Cap for the 15-year and retirement exemptions.

  • What are the ATO's latest views on in specie contributions under the CGT Cap? A silent backflip in some cases!

  • Common practitioner 'Questions and Answers' on the concessions and the CGT Cap including:

    • Can an entity still benefit from the concessions if they have ceased to carry on business?

    • How are vendor terms arrangements dealt with?

    • What is the meaning of 'retirement' for the purposes of the 15-year exemption?




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